Be Sensational by Laura White and Whitney Meyers Keyes

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     1. of or relating to the senses
     2. exceedingly or unexpectedly excellent or great

Being sensational is something you remember how to be. It’s our natural state. To be sensational is to slow down and experience each moment on your terms.
Each page in this book is an invitation to welcome mindful, sensational living back into your life. Once you reawaken your senses in new ways you will find that you will rediscover more of your own ways to live a sensational life naturally.                     You can be an ambassador for the joyful, playful life of being. It’s possible. And it’s sensational.

WHITNEY KEYES earned her bachelors degree in Contemplative Psychology with concentrations in Health and Healing and Art Therapy at Naropa University. She teaches yoga and meditation to people of all ages. Whitney uses her creativity to raise her two energetic sons in Old Greenwich, CT.

LAURA T. WHITE is a Reiki Master and Energy Healer. Her yoga classes help kids and families find joy in their physical bodies and in their lives. Laura explores parenting, personal empowerment, and spirituality through her writing. She lives in Old Greenwich, CT with her husband and two daughters.